Mushrooms with Sour Cream Sauce

Mushrooms in Sour Cream

I’m getting pretty serious about eating my vegetables every day. If the challenge I have been doing has taught me anything, it’s that I love mushrooms. Seriously.

The other day I made these mushrooms as a side dish with dinner. I then realized I could top my chicken burgers with them. I could also put them on top of pasta as a sauce. However, I mainly just scooped some into one of the little glass bowls I have and ate them as a snack while I watched tv. Nothing else, just these mushrooms.

A lot of people freak out over using creams, but if you go with the light sour cream when you make these, a generous helping is only 115 calories.

Worth it.

Recipe: Mushrooms with Sour Cream Sauce

Adapted from Natasha’s Kitchen

Makes 4 generous servings

What You Need:

2 packages whole baby bella mushrooms

1 yellow onion, chopped

2 tablespoons EVOO

3 tablespoons light sour cream

What To Do:

1. Slice your mushrooms. Mine were on the thicker side, but that just made them meatier!

2. Heat onions and oil in a skillet until onions start to brown.

3. Add in mushrooms and cook until they also brown.

4. With heat still on, mix in the sour cream until fully incorporated.

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