Faux Cone Cupcakes

The Food Network Magazine releases at least one ridiculously awesome looking cake each month. I rarely have the patience to make these cakes (like the Easter issue’s Giant Marshmellow Peep Cake). However, the latest issue included these Faux Cones. I couldn’t resist.  If you want a simple recipe that will still wow your party guests, this will definitely do.

Recipe: “Faux Cone” Cupcakes

Here’s What You Need:

24 plastic or wooden spoons

24 small strofoam cups

white or vanilla cake mix

1 tub white frosting

3 colors crystalized sugar (preferably blue, green, and red)

Here’s What To Do:

1. Make the cupcakes as the package directs & let cool

2. Carefully take each cupcake out of its wrapper and place inside strofoam cups

–Note: You may have to cut the cups down to size after you have put the cupcakes in them. That’s fine, just watch out for strofoam bits! —

3. Ice each cupcake with a thin layer of frosting. This is more to help the sugar stick than to frost the cake

4. Carefully pour the 3 sugars in rows on each cupcake. It will look like the 3 different flavors of your snowcone. Be careful though, because these sugars pour pretty fast and can get messy!

5. Place spoon in each Snow Cone


Note on colors: I used red, green, and yellow sugars, Not only did it look Cinco de Mayo themed in July, but its also hard to get the yellow to hide the frosted cupcake under it unless you really pour it on. I would suggest not using this color!

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