Why A Cooking Blog?

It probably sounds silly, but I’m actually nervous to start this blog.

I am completely obsessed with foodgawker.com. It’s like Pinterest, but it’s only recipes that normal people like you and me have attempted to make. I have spent the last few months trying tons of them out, and many people have wanted me to share the recipes (or they just wanted to be my taste tester!) I wanted to make this website so that I can share my attempts with my friends and try to give ideas to people who just happen to come across my posts.

It’ll be hard to say how often I’ll end up posting. I have so many great recipes that I have already tried that I’ll probably post like crazy in the beginning. If you see something you like, please feel free to try it and put your own spin on it. I usually change little things in recipes, so I’ll do my best to lead you to the original too if you want another variation. Other than that, I’ll only be posting when I try something new…which will probably still be a lot.

I also love taking photographs, but I can never master pictures of things I make. Please forgive me if a recipe has no picture or if I have stolen (don’t worry, I’ll give them credit) a picture from another blog. I’m so envious of the beautiful pictures of food people are able to capture!

I hope you enjoy reading and re-creating the recipes I post. Please be patient with me while I try to figure out this new page!


Happy Eating!



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1 Response to Why A Cooking Blog?

  1. Deborah Antinozzi says:

    This is outstanding, Danielle! Congrats on a great endeavor. Hope you don’t mind if I share your site with friends and family. Continued success…..Deb A

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