Boozy Coconut Fudge


It’s Leftovers Club Day! I wanted to do something different than my usual cookie recipe this month, so I decided to try my hand at fudge for the first time. I also knew I wanted to include some sort of alcohol, as it is almost St. Patrick’s Day and (sometimes) I like to actually live up to my Irish nature. So when I was paired with Mary Kay from Homemade Cravings, I developed a fudge recipe for her using one of the only spirits I actually drink — Malibu Rum. Malibu is rum that also uses coconut liquor. I am basically a fan of everything chocolate and coconut. I really hope she likes it because heaven knows I’m going to be obsessed with this California Pizza Kitchen Butter Cake that she’s sending me. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Recipe: Boozy Coconut Fudge

What You Need:

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3 Responses to Boozy Coconut Fudge

  1. These look so yummy and so easy to make!

  2. kathiarodriguez says:

    Malibu and coconut yummy!

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