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Nutty White Chocolate Cherry Cookies

It’s Leftovers Club Day! This month I was paired with Sandra from Meadows Cooks. I decided to stick with what I know and make her some awesome cookies. I know that everyone is looking for healthy recipes this month, but … Continue reading

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Double Chocolate Peanut Butter & Peppermint Cookies

I am so excited for Christmas this year. I am pretty sure I bought more presents than I ever have before. There is something so special to me about the thought that goes behind selecting gifts for people. The present … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies

Remember that one time I forgot that Leftovers Club posts were due? I have no idea how this week snuck up on me. It has been a busy few weeks I suppose. Anyway, after attempting several recipes to no avail, … Continue reading

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Almond Joyful Cupcakes

Wednesdays have officially become movie night. Movie night started after I was obsessively talking about my love for actor Paul Dano to my friend Jason, who may quite possibly love film even more than I do. When he asked what … Continue reading

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Gooey Peanut Butter Marshmallow Brownies

Confession: I have never made a brownie before. Actually, I should say I have never successfully made a brownie before. I have tried numerous times but the middle it always not cooked through and I always get mad and just … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake

Sometimes you just need some ice cream. For me, that is all the time. Really. Currently I am obsessed with this vanilla milkshake we serve at my workplace that has frozen pieces of chocolate chip cookie in it. Sounds amazing … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Spice M&M Blondie Bars

Today is the first official day of fall, which means my favorite season is finally here. I am looking forward to the temperature cooling down and the colors of the trees beginning to change. It also means October, my favorite … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Bacon Pancakes

I have a love-hate relationship with one of the cooks at work. Actually, up until a few weeks ago it was a very strict hate-only relationship. Usually my nights consist of him telling me to run food that is not … Continue reading

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Soft and Chewy Milky Way Cookies

Today is my half birthday! I’m going to use that, along with my crazy work schedule at my new job, as an excuse to eat a ton of my newest cookie concoction. While extreme couponing a few weeks ago, I … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fudge Cake Balls

Mondays could always use a little chocolate. That’s why today I am sharing these Chocolate Fudge Cake Balls. These tiny bites of chocolate cake goodness swirled with frosting are an easy way to cure those Monday Blues! Recipe: Chocolate Fudge … Continue reading

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